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Handbook of Electronic Tables and Formulas, 6/e

Howard W., Engineering Staff Sams

Published May, 1997 by Prentice Hall Career & Technology

Copyright 1986, 265 pp.
ISBN 0-13-889593-7

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Compiled by experienced electronics engineers, this classic handbook offers a ready, one-stop reference to mathematical tables and electronics formulas, and reflects developments in the rapidly changing electronics industry.


Contains formulas, laws, and mathematical tables important in all branches of electronics.
Puts hard-to-remember constants and government- or industry- established standards at your fingertips.
Includes symbols and codes for many diverse areas of electronics.
Examines service and installation data, covering those most often used in service design work.
Offers such general information as conversion for measures and weights, a table of the elements, and temperature scales.
Provides computer programs for electronics formulas to simplify calculations.
Covers topics users said they'd like to see, with sections on:

  • Resistor and capacitor color codes.
  • Laws of heat flow in transistors and heat sinks.
  • Operational amplifiers.
  • Basic fiber optics.
Demonstrates how to add and multiply vectors on a computer, as well as work with natural logarithms in computer programs.
Clarifies misconceptions throughout, i.e., clearly distinguishes between the physical movement of a free electron and the guided wave motion produced by the electron's field.

Table of Contents
    1. Electronics Formulas and Laws.
    2. Constants and Standards.
    3. Symbols and Codes.
    4. Service and Installation Data.
    5. Design Data.
    6. Mathematical Tables and Formulas.
    7. Miscellaneous.
    Appendix A: Calculations Using Commodore 64® Computer.
    Appendix B: Program Conversions.


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