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Solving Problems in Fluid Mechanics, Volume 1, 3/e

J. F. Douglas
R. D. Mathews, both of the University of South Bank

Published May, 1996 by Prentice Hall Engineering/Science/Mathematics

Copyright 1996, 272 pp.
ISBN 0-582-23987-7

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These two volumes have been well established as the best problem-based, student-centered texts on the subject. They present a clear explanation of theory and application in the form of solutions to typical examination and assignment type questions-assuming only an elementary knowledge of mathematics and mechanics. Solving Problems in Fluid Mechanics is essential reading for civil, mechanical, aeronautical, chemical, or environmental engineering students.


Table of Contents

    1. Static Pressure and Head.
    2. Fluid Pressure on Surfaces.
    3. Buoyancy and Stability of Floating Bodies.
    4. Liquids in Relative Equilibrium.
    5. Liquids in Motion.
    6. Pitot Tubes and Constriction Flow Meters.
    7. Flow Measurement at Notches and Weirs.
    8. Force Exerted By a Jet.
    9. Losses of Energy in Pipelines.
    10. Pipeline Problems.
    11. Transmission of Power by Pipeline.
    12. Fluid Friction, Viscosity and Oiled Bearings.
    13. Flow Past a Solid Boundary.
    14. Flow Under Varying Head.
    15. Uniform Flow in Open Channels.

    1. Dimensional Analysis.
    2. Dynamical Similarity Problems.
    3. Vortex Motion and Radial Flow.
    4. Streamlines and Stream Function.
    5. Gases at Rest.
    6. Flow of Gases.
    7. Viscous Flow.
    8. Turbulent Flow.
    9. Flow Round Totally Immersed Bodies.
    10. Waterhammer and Pressure Transients.
    11. Non-Uniform Flow in Channels.
    12. Impulse and Reaction Turbines.
    13. Centrifugal Pumps.
    14. Reciprocating Pumps.
    15. Computational Fluid Dynamics.


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